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Interested in becoming MIT's first Secular Chaplain?
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Did you know...?

51% of MIT students describe themselves as atheist, agnostic, or nonbelievers (as of 2012)?

If you are interested in being part of a community that shares the same fundamental values of tolerance, respect, equality, and kindness, but doesn't accept supernatural, unscientific claims as fact, then you have found it!

Whether you identify as atheist, religious, agnostic, Humanist, just questioning, or anything else, you are welcome at our organization.

So what do we do?

All the good community stuff of religious organizations, with none of the superstition! Social events - dinners, movies, parties with our Harvard and Wellesley sister organizations; discussions - exploring important questions of philosophy, ethics, etc.; and talks and panels - featuring folk like Steven Pinker and Jerry DeWitt.

Then there's all our community service work organized by the amazing Dan Harris (no relation to Sam!), chipping in to help the less fortunate, and our environment. Over the course of last year, we did 18 service projects - 243 collective person-hours! - and raised $4,000 in an AIDS walk together with our friends at Boston Atheists. Not bad for our first year!

Explore our website or join our mailing list to learn more! Feel free to show up to any of our events, and contact us to get involved with organizing more of them!

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