Who We Are

SSOMIT is a community for the non-religious to connect with and learn from each other about critical thinking, secular ethics, and generally living without religion. Our meetings are open to anyone who would like to explore secular worldviews or gain an understanding of our perspectives.

What we do

We provide an open and supportive environment for atheists, secular humanists, secular skeptics, and allies to discuss topics ranging from philosophy to science to current events. We do this through:

  • Discussions of various topics from secular perspectives, with an emphasis on critical thinking and forthright dialogue
  • Public engagement events to help our members build up confidence and defend their views
  • Drives and rallies to engage and mobilize the community in support of religion-state separation
  • Outreach and support events for non-believers with backgrounds in specific religious communities
  • Educational events featuring atheist speakers to help our members develop skills in counterapologetics and navigating life without religion

Executive Team

President: Alex Bookbinder (ssomit-president@mit.edu)
Publicist: Sohan Dsouza (ssomit-publicist@mit.edu)
Treasurer: Michael Guempel (ssomit-treasurer@mit.edu)

How You Can Help

Although we receive university student activity funding for some operational and event costs, donations in cash or gifts from our community members go a long way towards helping us reliably run more programming and better programming. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our supporters, which helps us reach more non-believers and promote the secular cause.


Or, contact us at ssomit@mit.edu for information about other donation methods.

We also appreciate help in the form of volunteer work and discussion content. If you can help with event setup and production, or if you have an interesting secular life story or topic expertise you'd be willing to share at one of our lecture events or discussion panels, please let us know by emailing ssomit@mit.edu, and we will be happy to find a way for you to participate at your convenience.


Secular Student Alliance Center for Inquiry On Campus
Please send comments, questions, or suggestions to ssomit@mit.edu.