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Community: SSOMIT is a unique opportunity for the nonreligious to meet and learn from each other. Our meetings are open to anyone who would like to explore secular outlooks on life, or just wants to gain an understanding of our perspectives. We work to promote the ideals of humanism; including morality, responsibility for personal actions, rational scientific thought, and the inherent worth and equality of all humanity.

Discussion: We provide an open and supportive environment for atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other students skeptical of religious claims to discuss issues of relevance to freethinkers. Discussion groups meet weekly.

Community Service: Many of us want to give back to the community. We organize service events to go out and help people or clean up our environment - you are welcome to join us!

Fun: SSOMIT organizes a variety of social activities throughout the year, such as pizza and movie nights, joint meetings with other groups, study breaks, and retreats.

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