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Join our weekly discussion group (see the calendar; usually ~6-10 people) as we talk about issues relevant to secular students. Sometimes we'll use an article or youtube video to kick off discussion. You are welcome to join any time - just show up, or contact us first if you want.

Do you have a specific topic you'd like to discuss? Let us know, we'll talk about it! And did I mention homemade cookies or other snack foods are supplied?

Recent topics are in this Google Document.

Older topics
Feb 11th - May 6th, 2013

The Big Questions

Does our existence have a purpose? How should we lead our lives? Why should we be good? Why does the universe exist? Can AI become conscious, and what would change if it did? Is abortion okay? Euthanasia? Eating meat?

Oct 1st - Nov 5th, 2012

(Non)Religion and You: Family, Friends, Science, Politics, etc.

How do we deal with religious family members or friends? Do science and religion conflict? How does religion influence politics, and how is the increasing prominence of the nonreligious worldview influencing politics?

Jerry DeWitt!!
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