Weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters
Connect through thoughtful, friendly discussion with atheists, secularists, and secular humanists. Explore topics ranging from philosophy to science to current events. The purpose of our discussions is to learn from each other rather than to debate. We also provide snacks and beverages, and occasionally play board games or go on an outing. Please check the event calendar on this page to confirm each week's programme and location. Weekly Hangout


We observe/celebrate a number of occasions on or around the following dates, with themed tabling and/or events. Here are some of them; please check the calendar for the full list.
February 12th: Darwin Day
Birthday of Charles Darwin, to appreciate the common ancestry of life on Earth, and educate on the secular scientific facts of evolutionary biology
April 1st: April Fool's Day
A social celebration of our disbelief
3rd Thursday of April: Ask-An-Atheist Day
To publicly invite and answer questions about atheism, secularism, and secular humanism, in conjunction with Madalyn Murray O'Hair's birthday
September 30th: International Blasphemy Rights Day
To advocate for the freedom to peacefully speak critically or irreverently of religion
November 9th: Sagan Day
Birthday of Carl Sagan, to appreciate the awesomeness of the universe and the amazing facts of secular scientific cosmology and astronomy
Mid-December: Winter Solstice and Festivus
A secular celebration of the longest night of the year, and a holiday "for the rest of us" Ask An Atheist Day
Sagan Day Talk


Our past speaker list includes Jenna Belk, Dan Everett, Jim Majors, Joshua Bowen, Lucien Greaves, Aaron Adair, and Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, among many others. We platform expert speakers to educate our community in intellectual counterarguments to religious assertions -- our Course 0 series. We ourselves engage in dialogue with religion-affiliated organizations to present and defend the atheist and secularist perspective. And we have special events to support and inspire non-believers from specific religious backgrounds through discussion and storytelling -- our Out And Out series. Al Mutar Lecture
Counterapologetics with Adventists


We do service projects to help the community, care for the environment, and raise money for charities. We have partnered with the Greater Boston Food Bank, the Prison Book Program, and the Woods-Mullen Shelter. We have also done events to care for the environment, like collecting recycling and cleaning up the Esplanade. Food Bank Service

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